Yacht Crew


Experience required prior training:         None

Certification required prior training:       None

Minimum age required:                           10 years old

Suggested number of training hours:      20 hours (minimum 3 days)


Skills and knowledge required for a Yacht Crew


Yacht's construction


  • Knows the basic parts of yacht and what are the designed for:
    • Cockpit;
    • Bildge;
    • Heads;
    • Galley;
    • Bow;
    • Stern, aft etc.
    • Boom;
    • Mast;
    • Rigging;
    • Haulyards.


  • Can operate elementary yacht's systems:
    • Toilet;
    • Gass oven;
    • Sink;
    • Shower;


  • Can fill up the water and diesel tanks;


  • Can operate the inboard engine;
    • Start it;
    • Switch it off;
    • Check whether cooling system works;
    • Inspection before starting.



Line and spring handling


  • Can combine two lines of the same and different diameter;
  • Can make:
    • Bowline;
    • Fast a line on a cleat;
    • Fishermen's bend;
    • Coil mooring lines;


  • Can:
    • Hand over,
    • Take,
    • Make fast on cleat;
    • Let go mooring lines;


  • Can describe different ways of taking a mooring.



Handling sail sheets and haulyards


  • Can:
    • Set and bring down the sails;
    • Reef down and shake off the reefs.



Handling fenders


  • Can:
    • Fix them by applying adequate knots:
    • effectively operate the manouvering fender:



Operating the anchor.


  • Can:
    • Prepare anchor for weighing (switches and controls)
    • Operate the windlass (letting out and taking in the chain)


Operating the dinghy.


  • Can:
    • Take the dinghy off the deck and pull it in onto the deck;
    • Secure the dinghy to the yacht;
    • Use paddles effectively;
    • Secure the dinghy to the deck.




  • Can:
    • Safely move arround the deck;
    • Use the safety equipement;
    • Use the distress singalling equipment (pirotechnics, mirror, flags etc.);
    • Use the fire fighting equipment (fire extinguishers – with consideration of various types available, fire blanket);
    • Apply various methods to make a distress signal (at least 4 methods).



Other skills


  • Can:
    • Keep observation of the sailing area and pass over information about the direction and distance to objects;
    • Knows the lights of their own yacht in the night;
    • Make adequate signals in fog (under sails, under power);
    • Effectively hold the helm.


 Cena kursu z opłatą za wydanie certyfikatu:  95,00 eur *

udział w kursie jest związany z udziałem w rejsie. Oferta i ceny rejsów



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